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Laying hens. Free range chickens.

Hy-line Brown Pullet (Laying Hen) available June 28 2022.

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16 week old hy-line pullets available June. They will be 16 weeks old on June 28th which means that they can be expected to start laying anywhere between 18 - 24 weeks.

Our hy-line hens are hand reared in sheds until they are old enough to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and grass. Our chicks are fed Westons Chicks Choice followed by Westons Chook Grower and then as laying hens Westons Peak Layer - we believe this is a high quality feed and we sell it through our shop. 

Please note we can deliver around South Canterbury. If you are further afield you'll need to pick up as we don't ship with couriers. Do contact us though as we can at times facilitate deliveries further than South Canterbury.

We will have another batch of hens available July.